Paralympian, Speaker, Ambassador

My name is Matthew Levy.

I am 34 years of age and I was born premature at 25 weeks with Cerebral Palsy and I am legally blind.

I have had approximately 40-50 operations on my Heart, Lungs, Brain and ears.

I am also a swimmer.  I have competed at five consecutive Paralympic Games, winning 3 gold, 1 silver and 5 bronze medals. I have swam at 5 World Championships and countless Nationals and other professional meets, won 20 international medals, held 4 World Records and have been awarded the Order of Australia Medal (O.A.M).

I am an Ambassador for Australia Day,  Life’s Little Treasures, Athlete Leader Swimming Australia and on advisory boards for AIS,NSWIS and Commonwealth Games Australia. Board member at Rainbow Club Australia, Ability Options and Governance Officer for the Australian Swimmers Association.


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Keeping Your Head Above Water

Inspirational Insights from a Champion of Life

Born premature Matt Levy was thrown into the world and given two choices: to sink or to swim. Beating all the odds, he emerged as a Paralympic Gold Medallist, public speaker, and a business manager–all due to a mindset shift he experienced fighting for life at the bottom.

In his book ‘Keeping Your Head Above Water’ Matt details how his perceived shortcomings led him to discover his unique strengths. Travel by Matt’s side as he blazes his trail to greatness. As his companion, you will learn how to stop comparing yourself to others, capitalize on your talents, and stay focused as you charge forward.

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Brandon Dreams Big

7 Easy Steps to get where you want!  

Hundreds of thousands of babies are born each day around the world, all of them unique and special to the families who love them.

Some babies are born with challenges that make them special in their own way.

Brandon’s story started just like this!

By age 13, Brandon had survived more surgeries and physical therapy sessions than he could count, but he had goal. He wanted to compete professionally in

the Paralympics one day.

Now, he just needed to make a roadmap to realize his dream.

Brandon Dreams Big can be your roadmap to

realizing your


If Brandon can reach his goals, you can too.

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Brandon Dreams Big Book Launch 2021

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