Keeping Your Head Above Water

Inspirational Insights from a Champion of Life

Born premature Matt Levy was thrown into the world and given two choices: to sink or to swim. Beating all the odds, he emerged as a Paralympic Gold Medallist, public speaker, and a business manager–all due to a mindset shift he experienced fighting for life at the bottom.

In his book ‘Keeping Your Head Above Water’ Matt details how his perceived shortcomings led him to discover his unique strengths. Travel by Matt’s side as he blazes his trail to greatness. As his companion, you will learn how to stop comparing yourself to others, capitalize on your talents, and stay focused as you charge forward.

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Mental Health Awareness

The month of October is mental health awareness month. It is important now, more then ever that we look after ourselves and each other.

i am proud to be involved in a few incentives during this month. One being the United Project, raising awareness for mental health in the workplace.

Also I am delivering a webinar as part of AimBig Employments series on mental health.

What a busy year!!

Hi Team,

well it has been a busy couple of months.

The first half of the year is nearly behind us, exciting times are ahead.

It has been busy, training for Nationals in July getting ready for the Para Pan Pacs in August 2018 in Cairns.

Keep on , keeping on.


Commonwealth Games Experience

Hi Team,

Exciting news!!!

I won Gold in the 50 Freestyle S7 event at the Commonwealth Games.

It was an amazing experience and one I will never forget,

Thanks all for your support.

Matt Levy OAM