Keeping Your Head Above Water: Inspirational Insights From a Champion




Keeping Your Head Above Water

Inspirational Insights from a Champion of Life

Born premature Matt Levy was thrown into the world and given two choices: to sink or to swim. Beating all the odds, he emerged as a Paralympic Gold Medallist, public speaker, and a business manager–all due to a mindset shift he experienced fighting for life at the bottom.

In his book ‘Keeping Your Head Above Water’ Matt details how his perceived shortcomings led him to discover his unique strengths. Travel by Matt’s side as he blazes his trail to greatness. As his companion, you will learn how to stop comparing yourself to others, capitalize on your talents, and stay focused as you charge forward.

In this book this Champion of Life will show you…

  • How to shift your mindset and embrace change
  • How to become more strategic about your dreams
  • How to surround yourself with the right people
  • How to kindle your inner fire
  • How to recognise your gifts and abilities
  • How to use setbacks and challenges as opportunities for growth and resilience
  • How to identify the tools needed for success
  • How to bounce back from setbacks
  • How to find positivity in your daily life

While you might not be striving for gold in swimming, Matt’s unique system will help everyone identify their lane to success and bring life to the more self-actualized, authentic self within.

“This is a book everyone should read. Whether you’re a swimming fan, a sports fan, a teenager trying to fit in, a parent … or someone who’s looking to find inspiration from a young Australian who continues to push the boundaries, this book reminds us all to never give up.”

Brooke Hanson, OLY, OAM, Olympic Gold and Silver Medallist

Matt Levy is one of the most inspiring and talented people you could ever meet … Matt’s an Aussie and an Olympic and World Champion.  Read this book and you’ll learn why. Read this book and set some big goals for yourself. He’s given us a stellar cheat sheet.

Tony Nash, CEO & Founder, Booktopia

This is no ordinary book. Matt is no ordinary human being … You will come away reading this book not only more knowledgeable about Matt’s incredible journey, but you will gain insights about yourself, too, and how to achieve more on your own road to success.

Tracey Holmes, Senior Journalist, Host of The Ticket, ABC

The word ‘inspirational’ feels completely inadequate to describe Matt’s journey. Courage, perseverance, passion, and incredible positivity all shine through when you hear Matt’s story. I highly recommend you take the opportunity to meet Matt through his book.

Andrew Bassat, CEO and Co-Founder of Seek Limited

Keeping Your Head Above Water is a tremendously inspiring work by a truly great Australian. This is not your typical autobiography. Matt Levy, OAM, cleverly weaves stories from his own life – from his early struggles to winning gold in swimming – with timely, practical, and sage advice about how others can succeed. It made me smile, cry, and ultimately cheer. Where there is life, there really is hope.  Buy this book for everyone in your life.”

Tracey Spicer, AM, Author, Broadcaster, Walkley Award-winning Journalist and Advocate


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