We invited Matt to speak to 500 of our team in recognition of International Day of People with a Disability.
As Matt shared his amazing journey with us and fielded questions, the groundswell of his inspiring life was palpable.
Seeing people for who they are, having passion & belief, knowing you’ve given 100% & recognising that you don’t succeed on your own — are just some of the key takeaways.
I highly recommend Matt as a true professional and engaging keynote speaker for corporate or any other setting.

“A great athlete isn’t always the person with the best skills, they’re the person who can rise to the challenge” – Matt Levy OAM

Leah Stapleton- Director Services Australia. – December 2021

Matt is truly an inspiration! I had the pleasure of attending one of Matt’s presentations yesterday and walked away feeling so empowered! His resilience and determination is a credit to him. I can’t wait to read your book Matt and thank you for sharing your story with us.

Trisha Harland- Program Director- Services Australia. – December 2021

We had Matthew in for a live session to share his story and for a some Q&A’s to our audience of trade business owners. Matt was a pleasure to speak with and everyone loved hearing his story of adversity and resilience. He is an inspiration and we feel grateful we got to openly chat with him.

Tian Evans-Chief Administration Officer- Academy Group – November 2021

Anyone looking to engage a speaker who has real tangible life experience on thriving in adversity while remaining completely grounded despite huge success should call Matt. He gave an amazing insight into his background while being completely open with regard to any questions coming back his way. 10/10.

Rory Gove- Queensland Director – November 2021

have had a the pleasure of meeting Matt recently and I am truly inspired by him and what he has achieved. He has overcome far more challenges than most people can imagine to achieve his goals of winning Olympic Gold while maintaining a successful business career. I am equally inspired by his generosity of spirit and willingness to give back to the community. Matt recently took the time to tell his story at my local Rotary club, of which I am a member. It was a great talk, very interactive and Matt really gave our members a boost of energy. A truly inspiring individual. Congratulations on all your achievements, Matt.

Tony Butera- Northern Beaches Rotary Club – September 2021

Matt was the key note speaker at our Arabia Group annual leadership forum. A real inspiration to the team, Matt truly demonstrates the value we aspire to – setting goals, following through and surrounding yourself with the right people. Thank you Matt!

Louise George – Chief Marketing Officer- AimBig

Matt recently attended an AC3 all teams meeting as a guest speaker . He shared with us his amazing story and insights into his mindset to achieve the incredible success he has had over the years. Matt as much as he is humble is a true inspiration, an absolute champion who will motivate you and make you realize, that with a positive mindset your goals are well within your grasp.

Harry Kassianou- Director of Sales- AC3 – September 2021

It has been a pleasure to get to know Matt and follow his Paralympian adventures. He is an incredible athlete & human being and we have been lucky to have him as the guest speaker of our team’s latest All Hands. His perspective on life & adversity is certainly an inspiration to many us.

Chantel Velasque- Head of Data Science- Westpac Group – August 2021

Matt is such an inspirational, humble young man that leaves everyone he speaks to feeling motivated and inspired. He gives others hope and drives everyone he meets to think about how they can achieve their goals. A true champion.

Dawn Brown- General Manager-Specialist Supports- Ability Options – August 2021

Grateful to secure Matt spoke at our virtual offsite with my national team. Matt was so humble and inspirational when shared his story, life experience and journey to achieve end goals. Very timely as we set business goals going into FY22. Matt’s presentation was practical and relatable for personal and professional life. My key take away “we come with nothing and we leave with nothing”. I can’t wait to read Matt’s book “Keeping Your Head Above Water”
Highly recommend Matt to speak at conference or offsite, if you are looking for a champion with holistic view in all walks of life to inspire and motivate your team.

Irene Yu- Relationship Director- Westpac Group – August 2021

Recently I had the absolute pleasure of meeting and getting to know Matt Levy. It started as a Linkedin connect and being a Swinburne Alumni, I thought he might like to join my network as we had this in common.
Matt has been incredibly generous with his time especially during a very important time in his career. Right from the outset, it was very clear to me that Matt is a very kind, thoughtful, and caring person who has a wicked sense of humor.
We’ve had some excellent conversations and he was kind enough to allow me to interview him for a Swinburne University podcast. Public speaking is clearly a super skill of Matt’s and that was obvious in our podcast, he is a natural.
I am so grateful Matt connected with me, I am in awe of his achievements and there is so much more to come for him.
I am looking forward to keeping connected and also reading his book.
You are an incredible person Matthew! Thank you, Kristy Horne.

Kristy Horne- Client Liaise- Swinburne University – August 2021

was fortunate enough to connect to Matt through LinkedIn, and meet him in the real world face-to-face. He is truly an inspirational speaker and motivator. His stories are captivating and fascinating. There’s a lot you can learn from Matt and his journey to the number 1 spot on the Olympic podium. I highly recommend you connecting with him and engage him as your next motivational speaker.

Anthony J James – CEO- Innovation and growth- Trinity Consulting

We were lucky enough to secure Matt as a keynote speaker at our annual conference held in Coffs Harbour. Matt delivered an inspiring, informative and entertaining presentation and even bought his medals along which was much to the delight of our staffing group!

Matt was incredibly easy and warm to converse and organise logistics with (he even flew all the way to Coffs for us!) and was happy to incorporate the theme of our event into his speech.

Thanks Matt!

Hayley Rogers -EA to CEO of Social Futures – October 2020

Matt presented as a guest speaker at a team performance session I ran. Matt was brilliant and his story so inspirational. His determination and resilience are clear when he tells his story. His story and key takeaways aligned perfectly with the key theme of the session. That being the lessons corporate teams can take away from successful sporting teams and athletes. It was very insightful to hear about his approach to achieving success. It was a pleasure getting to know Matt in the process too.

Samantha Chambers-Skeggs- Business Change director – September 2020

I recently invited Matt to present at our inaugural “Women in Procurement” event at Rio Tinto.

Matt shared his inspiring personal story from a rocky early start and countless obstacles, to becoming a Paralympian, Ambassador and Order of Australia recipient. He encouraged all of us to continue to redefine goals, adapt and keep improving as he has done over a 20-year Paralympic career.

Matt shared that you can achieve what you want, not what you are limited by. It’s about the person looking back in the mirror and making ourselves better than we were yesterday through a positive mindset and using every opportunity to learn and grow.

I am personally proud of Matt and his journey and continue to receive positive feedback about his presentation and his best-selling book “Keeping Your Head Above Water”.

Visna Wrightman- Chief Procurement Officer – September 2020

Matthew Levy recently presented at an AimBig Employment webinar and he did a fantastic job, also reflected in our feedback survey from all who attended! Matthew was professional, responsive and engaging. Matthew also presented at our managers forum and taught us all so much about resilience through difficult times. I highly recommend Matthew for any public (or virtual) speaking engagements.

Jennifer Schmoll- Senior Marketing Lead – August 2020

Matt shared his story with a group of people from across Victoria yesterday and talked about tge importance of having a goal and his life journey so far. Matt’s resilience and determination were extremely evident however what really impressed me was his grit and drive to be the best version of himself! Thank you Matt

Larissa Shepard- GM Westpac Group – November 2020

More reccomenations on: https://www.linkedin.com/in/mattlevy87/details/recommendations/?detailScreenTabIndex=0

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